A lot of people would ask why am I homeschooling my son, if I can do it, or if I can teach him all the things that he needs to learn. There are a lot of negative comments about homeschooling especially from family and friends. But before I answer that, let me tell you some things about me and my son.

I am a single mom with a 9-yr old son and I work from home. I sometimes homeschool my 3 nephews who are toddlers and pre-schooler. I do tutorials for children ages 2-10 years old. My son was homeschooled from infant to Grade 1 (Yes you read it right… I started teaching him around 4 months old), then went to school from grade 2 to 4. So why did I put him back to homeschool? Our story is not different from other families who are also on the same setup.

Children have different learning styles whether we like it or not. More often than not, it’s not the same as what we have expected or wanted. As for my son, he is very smart but easily gets bored and distracted if he doesn’t like the subject; he is very eager to learn but would like to learn in different ways that he finds exciting and stimulating. And as a mom it is not easy to see your son everyday not wanting to go to school (sometimes even crying in the morning or before going to sleep!) not because he is having a hard time understanding the lesson, but because he is bored sitting on his desk studying all day the traditional way. He gets very high scores in school and in fact his lowest score was 89.2% in Math and highest score was 100% in English and Social Studies. He even gets awards from academic subjects and extra-curricular activities. So you might wonder how a kid like that can say that he hates school. It’s simple, he was forced to study everything, even the things that he doesn’t want, just like everyone else while he is yearning to know and learn more about his first love — Science! But how can he do that if he is too busy studying other subjects because he is required to do so.

I don’t believe that my son should be like all the students because that’s the norm in our society, but I strongly believe that for us to excel in our chosen field we must be ourselves and not like everybody else, for that’s what will make us standout; and this is what I always tell my son. Maybe because of the strong influence that I have to my son, he told me one day that he must go back to homeschooling to fulfill his dreams or else he might not become a scientist at all and that would be the end of his lifelong dream. I was shocked to hear that from my 8-yr old boy and realized that he is right. However I still tried to feed his hunger for knowledge in science while he was still attending school but it was too difficult since he always have homework, usually very tired after school and has no time to do what he likes. And so I finally decided to put him back to homeschool.

It was heartbreaking to leave his school after staying there for 3 years for I became close to his schoolmates, teachers and some of the parents. But it was my son who comforted me, realizing that I have higher separation anxiety than him. He said to me that, he really wants to become a scientist and he must start now, he can visit his friends anytime, his dream must go first since true friends will always be there for him. Then he told me the pros and cons of going to school and homeschooling, he was trying to convince me not to enroll him in school again. I was stunned and so happy to see that this kid that I am so worried about is so determined, focused, wise and strong inside and out.

As a mother I will always fear what might happen to his future but he always ease my worry by his correct actions and judgment in life. He always proves that I am doing the right things and all I need to do is to support him and he will do his best. And from now on, I will stop thinking what bad things could happen in the future and just do whatever makes us happy. We only live once so why not make the best out of it and trust in the Lord that He will guide me and my son every step of the way.